What is Trigger One?

The Trigger One is a relay with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Once turned on, it can be controlled via the free Trigger Plus app. The Trigger One adds the possibility of having a wireless control of what has it installed.

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    Wireless control of everything

    – Control the lighting of your vehicle with an iOS or Android mobile phone

    – Turn on the radio or heating of your vehicle from the outside

    – Connect the exterior lights without entering your vehicle </ h3 >

    How Trigger Plus works

    Controls the power, dimming and flickering of connected lights

    Add and control up to six individual TRIGGER ONE relays

    Manage the behavior of the switch in the application in the Toggle (fixed) or Momentary (momentary) section

    Additional features of the Trigger Plus app

    In addition to turning the circuits on and off, the application allows the activation of an intermittent mode or the control of the brightness of connected lighting (not all lights are supported).
    The application provides the functionality to the relay for individual circuits to be set to ‘toggle’ or ‘momentary’ mode. From the configuration screen you can edit the names,
    view instructions and configure switch functions.


    Voltage: 12VDC
    Capacity: 30 Amps
    Dimensions (body): 1 “x 1” x 1 “
    Dimensions (total): 1.95 “x 1” x 1 “
    Poles: Single Pole / Single Throw
    Compatibility: Android / iOS

    Wireless control – Quick and easy installation – No wires through the firewall