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    Whether for use on pleasure trips, as an aid in the event of an accident or other road incident, the Thinkware Dash Cams tm car and motorcycle camera is the perfect brand of recording devices. , which allows you to have detailed information on the route taken. Thinkware Dash Cams tm is an established market leader and its technology is recognized worldwide.

    M1 Moto Sport

    M1 Motorsports Cam with Sony sensor technology, is a 2-channel motorcycle camera that records clear, sharp, 140 ° wide-angle front and rear Full HD 1080P images. It comes with a compact design and IP66-rated camera housing, M1’s electronic image stabilization with built-in gyro sensor and video enhancement technology allow you to capture videos of your road route stably, whether in daylight. or at night, thanks to its Ultra Night Vision technology. It has an accessory for manual recording.

    U1000 DashCam

    The THINKWARE U1000 model records with 4K UHD resolution on the front and 2K QHD resolution on the rear, which makes it one of the cameras with the highest resolution on the market. With a modern and compact design, the U1000 has the latest cloud-connected features, including live view, vehicle location, geofence and impact notifications, along with other important driver safety features such as ADAS and speed camera alerts.

    Q800Pro DashCam

    The Q800PRO car camera has 2K resolution, producing sharp videos without blind spots on your travels. Videos shot in low light or at night will look perfect with Super Night Vision 2.0 technology. Q800PRO has THINKWARE CONNECT incorporating, a cloud-based system with geofence, vehicle locator and impact notifications for your safety.

    F770 DashCam

    F770 is a super night vision time lapse car camera. It also has a built-in road safety warning system and a camera safety alert (ADAS system). Full High Definition 1080p and Full High Definition 2CH / 30fps. Advanced Built-in Video Clear, Wi-Fi and GPS technology with DUAL SAVE® (internal memory backup).

    X700 DashCam

    The X700 Car Camera maximizes the vehicle’s front and rear surveillance capabilities. A 2-channel DashCam (with rear camera input), X700 records video at high, wide-angle at 142.7 ° and no blind spots, even at night. It has a 2.7-inch LCD touch screen that allows you to view stored recordings and get quick access to your settings. In the event of an accident or collision, the X700’s G-sensor incident detection safely stores and protects impact images.

    F100 DashCam

    The F100 Car Camera has CMOS image sensors that enable full 1080p HD resolution recording both during the day and at night. With the possibility of rear camera recording in HD.

    F70 DashCam

    Full high definition 1080px ful HD car camera, front vehicle approach warning. * Recording in parking lot with energy saving. 140º wide angle lens, warning of different radars and cameras (gps accessory required). G-sensor for incident detection.